Shortly after our return from Florida the truck was stolen from inside the plant.  Someone had apparently copied the keys.  They twisted the lock on the outside door and simply drove off with the truck.  I put a claim in for insurance and the most they would pay was $5000.00.  I declined to accept the offer.  Thats when I purchased the International Diesel.  I basically converted the truck into the same unit as the Ford.  The International had a new engine (Not rebuilt) and ran like a new truck.  I shortened the frame and installed a new tow body.  When the unit was ready to go I went to Florida to recover my Royals 5th wheel trailer.  However the trailer was damaged by a hurricane and turned over to our insurance people.  Approximately 3 to 4 months later I received   a call from our insurance company.  Th truck was recovered.  Apparently someone in Quebec was caught stealing trailers.  They hooked on to a unit in Boucherville and a woman who saw them called the police.  A week or so later the truck was returned to Niagara Falls.  The insurance company paid me the same money that was in the original offer.

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